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Robotic HedgehogRobotic Hedgehog

So, you’ve always loved hedgehogs, but their prickles make them less than cuddly and they’re notoriously difficult to train… maybe. But, science is here to help you indulge in your hedgehog fandom. Here’s the fantastic Robotic Hedgehog!

This hedgehog is just like the real thing, except it’s a robot. That means you don’t have to remember to feed it and it responds to your commands (unlike live hedgehogs that, you know, don’t). Plus, you get to have a world of fun building this hedgehog before you play with it. That’s because it comes in kit form!

Once assembled, the fun really starts to roll… much like the hedgehog itself. Oh, yeah, did we forget to mention that this robotic hedgehog can do tricks? Responding to the clap of your hands, it’ll walk forward, roll up into a ball, roll backwards, flash its LED eyes in different colours, and extend its spines!

To assemble this hedgehog, you’ll need the kit itself (of course, right?) plus diagonal cutters, a cross-head screwdriver, a ruler, a marker pen, and 4 AAA batteries. You’ll also need to be 8 years old… or older.

Here’s where we usually get to the point. But, this hedgehog has all the points you could hope for! So, we’ll just say this, if you want a robotic pet that’s less ordinary than a bus arriving on time, order this Robotic Hedgehog today!




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